I pledge myself to recess!

I pledge myself to recess!

I pledge myself to recess. . . I know how I play is how I will live my life.”  Stuart McLean

As we all return to the fall routine, I am reminded of how schools, teachers and administrations around the world are striving to re-invent themselves, to keep up with the demands and opportunities of our modern world.  It seems confusing that we have to play more when it feels like we should be working harder.  To me, this incongruity is both wildly exciting and daunting.

With this on my mind, I listened to Stuart McLean this morning.  In this short monologue he pledges his allegiance to play.  I love that!  He compares and contrasts how school is and how it could be and how politics are and should be. He always manages to make me feel hopeful about the future. Hope it makes you smile.

Happy first day of school!

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