Sometimes it is not about painting a picture that is important, it is often the process and experience!  In this case it was about the way the paint felt as it was squished between the fingers!                            photo 1

photo 3

Because that is what bear eyes look like!

Because that is what bear eyes look like!

A few children were at the art table; I had bear shaped paper, googly eyes markers, glue, and of course scissor!  I was very curious as to what I observed…the children were cutting googly eyes and saving the black circles inside!

When I said I was interested as to why they were cutting the googly eyes open I was told  “so we can glue eyes on the bear”.  Logically, I asked why not glue on the googly eyes as is?  I was told, “because that is not what bear eyes look like!”

image (7) image (8) image (9) image (12) image (14) image (15)

After our turkey bone experiment, we decided to try water and vinegar with eggs!

Once again each child made a guess as to what they thought would happen to the egg in water and egg in vinegar!?  Some of the guesses for water were:  crack, turn into scrambled eggs, change colour and explode!  Guesses for vinegar were: break, turn into a unicorn (child was wearing our dress-up unicorn!)! and change colour.

After 4 days we took the eggs out of the jars to see what, if anything happened?  The egg in the water stayed the same and we cracked it open to see inside

image   image (1)

Each child got a portion of the washed egg shell to feel and see the plastic like part-membrane.

image (2)  image (3)

The egg in the vinegar did change!!!  It got bigger and had no shell

!image (4) image (5)

And the egg became squishy and bouncy!!!  Each child had a chance to feel the squishy egg and when we bounced it too hard..

..image (6)

After sharing this experiment with parents, I had one parent say to me “Aha!  Now I know why he has suddenly decided he wants to break all my eggs lol!  I’ll have to do this experiment with him at home!”

It is very exciting when the children take their discoveries and knowledge and share them with others…

“Science Rocks” at Duncan Cran Preschool

“Science Rocks” at Duncan Cran Preschool

Science is all around us!  Science is a fun and exciting way to experience, discover, wonder, question and understand the world around us…we ask questions, we make guesses and learn through hands-on experiences how thing work!  Through science we learn to make a prediction, observe the results and if we end up being wrong IT IS OK!!!  We learn from the experience and it usually leads to more curiosity and questions!

Science experimenting began after Thanksgiving when I brought to school two turkey leg bones, washed of course!  The children had the opportunity to feel the bones.

We put one bone in a jar of vinegar and the other in a jar of water.  The children then made guesses as to what would happen to each bone.  Some of the guesses were:  explode, get bigger, turn into a turkey, change colour, squishy, and many more “explodes”!

The following class we opened the jars-THE BONES DIDN’T EXPLODE!-we looked at and passed the bones around,  The water bone remained unchanged and the vinegar bone changed to a darker grey colour.  The children tried to break the bones on their legs, feet and with hands…would not break!  We decided to put them back in the jars till the next week.

Once again I opened the two containers and passed each bone around.  The bone from the water container again remained the same and as children tried to break it (on their legs, feet, with hands), it would not break!  The bone in the vinegar looked and felt the same at first, however as the children passed the bone around and tried to break it, the bone eventually bent in half and then broke. We then were able to see inside a bone!  The children thought this was “yuck!”, “Gross!” and “Ooo!”

I explained what happened:  Bones are strong because of calcium from food like cheese, yogurt and milk.  Like these foods, water is also important and healthy for us and that is why it did not hurt the bone!  The vinegar is an acid that breaks down the calcium in bones making them weak and that is why the bone got soft and broke!

We wondered how it might affect other things…




Stuffed Animal Sleepover with Pete the Cat at FSJ Public Library

Stuffed Animal Sleepover with Pete the Cat at FSJ Public Library

Kids can drop their stuffed friends off with Pete at the Library before 9:00pm on Friday, November 28th, and pick them up the next morning at 9:00am on Saturday, November 29thWe will have hot chocolate and snacks, and watch a video of everything the stuffies got up to overnight!  For more information, please contact Morgan Peltier at the FSJ Public Library:


November 28th, 2014

Pete the Cat: Snoring in my Sleepover Shoes

It’s that time again! Time for the 4th-Annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover!  This year, children’s book star Pete the Cat is hosting a huuuge, groooovy sleepover party for stuffed animals in Fort St John. After the Library closes and the Librarians go home, the stuffies will get to work, decorating the Library for Christmas and trying to stay out of trouble…which isn’t always easy: last year, the stuffed animals had a race on the book carts, which ended in a huge crash! You can check out some of our sleepover videos here!

Gerald the elephant, who hosted last year’s party with his friend Piggie, has some advice for Pete:

“Pete! You will have so much fun! You will have ENORMOUS amounts of fun! Maybe…maybe…MAYBE you will have so much fun that you will make new friends! And you can go HOME with a new friend!”

“Hooray!” says Piggie.

And it’s true! Pete will go home with one lucky new friend in the morning, just like the previous years’ hosts, including Elephant and Piggie; Scaredy Squirrel, and the Pigeon.

Pete is looking forward to having a groovy time, and maybe rocking out in his sleepover shoes. He is a bit worried that he might get homesick, since this is his first sleepover, but will he cry? Goodness, no! He’ll just carry on, singin’ his song,

“I love my sleepover shoes, I love my sleepover shoes!

I love my sleepover shoes, I love my sleepover shoes!”






White Playdough

White Playdough

I began my morning making a batch of playdough.  Two StrongStart children arrived early and came to the counter to check out what I was doing.  Before adding my usual choice of food colouring, one child asked if I could make white playdough.  When our uncoloured dough was ready I placed it on the table and they began squishing it.  At this point there were a few additional children who arrived and joined the playdough table.   I asked the children if they had an idea of what we should add to use with the playdough?  Pizza making was mentioned by a few children so I put out various materials including:  rolling pins, small tin pans, garlic presses (made fantastic cheese), and large colourful buttons.  Several children along side of their parent/caregiver made “pizzas” discussing the kinds of pizzas they like!  The garlic pressed “cheese” making was a big hit!  The “pizza” making activity lasted a long time, over an hour!!!!

Perhaps a real pizza making activity for snack is in our future!

Preschool Oct 2014 143 Preschool Oct 2014 145 Preschool Oct 2014 148 Preschool Oct 2014 150 Preschool Oct 2014 151 Preschool Oct 2014 147

I try to keep my circle time with some basic structure.. we start by singing the “Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee” name song. After that we do a small calendar portion and if the moons are aligned and I have all my fingers and toes crossed, I get the opportunity to have some great discussions with the group.

During our last circle time I had the children sing the name song while adding the colour of their eyes. At the very end of the song Teacher Pam got to say her name and my eye colour. As I opened my eyes widely and showed all the children how my eyes were the colour brown, a few noticed that i had a black spot in the middle of my eye. This lead us to have a discussion on how everyone has this “black spot”. This then lead us to using the large dress up mirror and having a look at our eyes..

Now this is learning at its most powerful moment. When children lead the teacher in their learning. I could have said no to children and said that we only have a certain time frame for circle. But look at them…. six boys and two girls and everyone is under the age of five… each one of them interested in the topic that we are on!!!!

I saw a great teaching moment.

Now for the next preschool class I will borrow books on the human eye and take my tablet to school to show the children more pictures and maybe they may want to know the certain words to these new and wondrous parts… I’m super excited!!!!

PS. We did happen to finish circle and what usually lasts ten minutes ended up going for 20 mins.  This did put us off schedule and we did end up missing five minutes of gym…. But well worth it, I think.

Cooking Day

Cooking Day


In the month of October the preschool class made individual pumpkin pies for our monthly “Cooking Day”.  Part of the process of cooking day is that each child has a chance to add and mix the ingredient they are responsible for. We go around the table taking turns adding, mixing and talking about what each ingredient is for and how it will help make the finished product. For example: when the preschooler who was in charge of adding the egg, we talked about how it was going to help the pie stay together.. Once the mixture was ready i gave each child a tart shell and they scooped the mixture into their own “pie shell”. Once the pies were cooked and cooled snack was served… YUM!!!

Of Course no pumpkin pie is complete without WHIP CREAM!!! Best Cooking Day EVER!!!